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Acupuncture miracle

Acupuncture has worked miracles for my daughter, who has CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome), dystonia in her ankle, epilepsy, and other neurological issues.  Before we came to Lynn, my daughter was in a wheelchair and/or crutches and unable to walk even a couple of steps.  We were told by medical doctors she may never walk again!  We were at a

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Help with whiplash injury

I have been seeing Lynn for about 2 years now.  Acupuncture has been a life changer.  I feel wonderful after treatments and can’t say enough about how much it helped my neck and shoulders after a whiplash injury.  It helps keep my allergies in check too!  


Dedicated practitioner

Lynn is a caring, dedicated practitioner of acupuncture with great results.  I have seen amazing results from my weekly sessions which I now continue to attend for wellness maintenance.  Compared to other acupuncturists, she takes the time needed to work with you and you don’t feel rushed.  She is one of the people who is in the health field for

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Felt reborn

I walked out of there feeling reborn… My whole body felt better… I could breathe better and my blood pressure was a lot better than it has been in years… Lynn is amazing.


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